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The notable swing of moods during one's Freshman year of college, especially if you are living in a dorm or otherwise away from your parents. You can experience the highs of excessive partying, hooking up with hot strangers (or strangers you thought were hot at the time), and basking in the freedom of living somewhere other than home. However, within that same span of time, you'll live the lows characterized by endless vomiting/toilet-hugging, a pregnancy scare or six, and missing the home you were so keen on getting away from. Cured through learning to balance these highs and lows with actually doing homework and attending class (i.e. why you're there in the first place).
Annamaria: So I was reading Huffington Post last week, and it reported that Freshmanic Depression affects 71% of female teens and 45% of male teens every year. What do you think causes the disparity in those figures?

Hank: Just take your pants off already.

Annamaria: (taking jeans off) As long as you respect me in the morning.

Hank: SHUT UP!
by Avery Fredericks November 18, 2010
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