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An individual that has a very seductive look,
;Has strong sex appeal ;Creates sexual tension with others
Oswald: That girl Angelica is just soooo quiet bro

Kyle: I dont know Bro,she might be quiet and everything but do you see those looks she be giving everyone !?

Oswald: What looks ?

Kyle: Angelica has a Freshface *Laughs*

Oswald: A Freshface ? what you mean ?

Kyle: she gives off sexual vibes with her facial expressions; she was turning me on the whole time at that party.

Oswald: ..Oh yeah,I did noticed that ,she did look like she was trying to suduce someone *Laughs*

Kyle: Yeah Bro,she look like she can be a real "Fun" time if someone was to get to really know her

Oswald: Probably ,Anyway it was nice seeing her Again

Kyle: Bro I wouldent mind seeing her right now,That whole quiet personality is just an act ! Theres more then meets the eye. I can just tell !

Oswald: *Laughs* Just Let it go already
by Muhammed Eli Marsh February 22, 2011
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