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When you haven't had sex or masturbated since you last showered.
"I still have fresh dick, I should DEFINITELY masturbate now!"
by spencinator November 24, 2015
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A fresh dick, as in one who demonstrates qualities of virtue, style, and cleanliness stemming or originating from his dick. Can also mean someone new entering a situation i.e. the new dick on the scene. Meaning varies in accordance with context, emphasis, and pronunciation.
1)(someone new enters the room) Oh, look at the fresh dick coming into the party with the new khakis, how you doing fresh dick? (Emphasis on first word, fresh)
-Can't complain, dick's feeling fresh as shit!

2). What's wrong Jimmy? Did Santa bring you a plateful of fresh dicks this Christmas?(Emphasis on both first and second words, fresh and dick)

3). (Someone newly and unfavorably enters the room). Oh man, look at this fresh dick. (Emphasis on second word, dick)
by lambrose15 November 23, 2014
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