A game in involving three or more people, including at least one male; one male sits while the others take turns giving him oral sex, for thirty seconds each. The person providing head when he attains orgasm is the winner.
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
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a water game in which a girl and boy lock lips (can make out of they choose) then sink under water, you wait to see how long you can last verses other couples you will either win over the other pairs or enhale too much of your partners carbon dioxide and die or live and your partner dies, most people quit before they lose
look at lauren and eddie playing french roulette theyve been down for under a minute, someones gunna come up soon they already beat collette and vincent
by kisskiller June 7, 2011
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Fill an ice tray with mostly milk, except a few of them must be filled with semen. Sit in a circle and pass around the "milk" on toothpicks. One of your friends will be gay before the night ends.
"Damn man, I had no fuckin' clue we were playin' French Roulette at that party last night"

"What happened?"

"I lost.."

"Hahahhaha, you faggot!"
by Jungle Juicy December 3, 2008
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A bunch of girls line up in Porter potty‘s you go down the line one pump at a time then repeat until one woman gets jizzed in they are the loser that has to pay child support.
Boss man became pregnant after participating n French Henry Roulette.
by Charliebegg69 June 27, 2021
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When a casual game of Russian Roulette is ruined by a person quiting, getting the next person killed.
"Wow. You really let Frank get killed because you thought we were playing French Roulette"

"But I didn't want to die!"

"Neither did the rest of Europe, but hey, whatever keeps you from surrendering again."
by CouchFucker69 November 3, 2019
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