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A school in palatine illinois. The kids that go there are rich as fuck. You go to their parking all the cars are bmw and Mercedes. They got an asian invasion. Literally half the students are white the other half is asain. Thats the only reason why the school is good at academics and sports. The white kids play the sports the asians take the tests. The fan section is cocky as shit. but i guess thats what happens when you mix a bunch of rich fucks.
Kid: you go to Fremd High school

Kid 2: Yeah

Kid: dont talk to me..
by dark knight54156156 March 11, 2011
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Fremd high school, known as the rich white kid school where every fancy car is in our parking lot.Teachers here stopped giving a fuck about what the kids do unless its cheating.Vaping in fremd became so much of an issue that the principle had to write about it on his blog.Partys only come up every 2 weeks during the school year if your lucky and they get popped an hour into them.No one dates at fremd only hookups and you only date if your really down to earth.We love football games and thats the high light of the year.Some kids tried making a seperate club going against UCF but it was confusing and no one got the memo half the time.The girls have no personality here its bad.Fremd sucks but so does palatine as a whole.
by valllhala23236867 August 18, 2018
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