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The act of storing frozen goods in a freezer in order to maximize space, esp. when a large quantity of perishables must be stored in a smaller refrigeration unit.

Like the Nintendo game from which the term was derived, Freezer Tertis involves shifting and rotating boxes of frozen goods in order to fill any empty spaces.
Um, we're going to have to play Freezer Tetris if you want to fit all of this stuff in there.
by aeromat November 14, 2006
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A game in which a person sitting in a freezer is timed to see how long he or she can play Tetris before they either a) Die in-game b) Get too cold and get out, or c) pass out, freeze, or are otherwise rendered unable to play.

A large hatch-open freezer is usually emptied out to play and is left open in order to see the gameboy screen on older gameboys, but also to make sure the contestant isn't cheating and to prevent accidents.
Want to go play some Freezer Tetris? I hear Patrick once lasted in there for 45 minutes.
by Mick S. June 23, 2007
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