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Someone who is toying with the idea of freeganism, but still works and pays for things most of the time. A healthy, open-minded attitude to the politics of money.

As in, the difference between vegan and vegetarian.
"I got this sandwich out a dumpster behind Marks and Spencers, but I still have a job and pay rent - I'm freegetarian, not freegan"
by FOURV August 10, 2009
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One who will only eat meat that is (a) free range or (b) free. The basis for this behavior is to avoid economic support of factory farming. If meat is going to be wasted anyway, a freegetarian feels no compuction consuming it.
Josh doesn't usually eat burgers when he goes out, being a freegetarian and all. Restaurants really should start listing the sources of ingredients they use, it would make his life a lot easier.
by E. Dubs January 02, 2007
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