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A person that renounces the idea that Freedom is not for the many in favor of it being for a select few with same politcal, philosophical, and/or ideological views as the individual.
Freedom Apostates have a disdain for representative government when election in the country to go their way, thus they approve of suppressing and undermining them in favor of a oligarchy form of government which actively undermines the representative system of a government. In favor of perpetual ruling class with the same mindset of the Freedom Apostate's views.
The Freedom Apostate will support as well as go to to extreme lengths obstruct the interest and freedoms of the people to be properly represented in government. Cheering attempts by like minded people to cripple the legislative process with unprecedented obstructionism until they other side gives in or another election comes around giving the Apostates side a chance to take power.
The Freedom Apostate got excited prospect that politicians with the same views as them would hold the Federal Budget Hostage until his sides need s where met even if it meant it caused the Federal Government to shut down in the process, hurting those who require their assistance
by Libertatis November 06, 2016
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