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A high intelligent dude that is usually involved in organized crime or making street money. Keeps it chill and cool but cross his line and he'll stomp your face. Deals with anyone but more towards sophisticated low key people such as business men, doctors, etc.
Freebo hooks it up. Glad hes around cause I would be shit out of luck if i had to get it from a kid in a tall T.
by jakie town September 08, 2010
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A name for someone when you can't think of their name or are to lazy to say their real name. freebo is a gibberish term that is easily used in place of someones name.
So the other day freebo got in the tub with freebo and then splashed water all over the bathroom. When freebo walked in and seen what was going on she beat the life outta freebo and freebo.
by elguapo82 December 03, 2008
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