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Free Bagel Friday is a repeated theme in Wheezy Waiter videos.

Wheezy Waiter is Craig Benzine, a video content creator, who has a popular channel on YouTube and a blog under the name Wheezy Waiter. Craig has been creating Wheezy Waiter videos since June 2007.

Since January 2009, when Craig makes a video on Friday, he always includes a segment about Free Bagel Friday. On Free Bagel Friday, there are free bagels available at Craig's workplace. Every Free Bagel Friday, Craig confronts his boss (Mike Benedetto), demands his boss' bagel, and then punches him in order to steal his bagel (most often, a sesame bagel). When Mike gets punched, he usually flies backwards into recycling bins, shelving units, boxes, and so on.

This comical bit is the longest-running repeated theme in Wheezy Waiter videos. While the structure is always the same, the dialogue between Craig and Mike usually alludes to whatever topic or jokes the rest of that particular video contains. For example, in a video where Craig (Wheezy Waiter) performed a version of the song 'Creep' (his version called 'Crepe'), Mike's dialogue in the Free Bagel Friday confrontation consisted of lines from the song.

See the definition for Wheezy Waiter for more information on these videos.
TGIFBF. Thank God It's Free Bagel Friday. Every Friday, we have a big pile of bagels in the office.

Oh shirt, it's Free Bagel Friday.
by martha_s February 08, 2010
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