v. To tap ones toe while sitting in a public toilet stall to inform potential users that the stall is occupied.
A guy walked into the bathroom so I had to start doing a Fred Astaire.
by Erik November 12, 2003
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A cosmic yes to everything. A confirmation of one's support of / presence at / attention to the the issue at hand, even if the room starts rotating around an invisible horizontal axis.
"My step-father died. I never liked him. Turns out no-one else did either. Could you come along to the funeral, help swell the numbers?"

"I'm there like Fred Astaire."
by Tom Miles January 24, 2010
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When you are eating out your girl with two fingers inside and you start pretending your fingers are Fred Astaire’s tappity tapping little feet against her G spot.
Last night I was eating Trudie out and I stuck two fingers in and danced them around on her G spot and gave her The Fred Astaire tap dance.
by Scotty Nice November 6, 2019
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