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Freakette is a noun and name, used as such.

1. A girl freak, one who's completely out in left field and doing there own thing despite everyone else's criticism. Also can be a massive freak under the sheets. Freakette is a lead freak in the community, voicing her opinions and doing what she wants, when she wants to. Many "chavs", "preps", and "gangstas" dislike her because they're either intimidated or jealous of her confidence and that people accept her for who she is, not who she tries to be. Accepts any insults with a smirk. Has the power to ruin someone in an instant. Usually with the black clad masses.

2. A youtuber, FreaketteTV, who usually rants and complains about things that could be different in modern day society, usually sucky pop like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, or those preppy whores, obesity in America, etc. Also occaisionally vlogs and makes make up tutorials. Occaisionally stamps out dumb plastic people on Youtube.
1. Person 1: Oh, shit! Look at Freakette, she's got it going on today with her fishnet gloves and ripped up black dress.
Person 2: Wow, she's a massive freak... But so damn cool!
Prep: Oh, come on! She's a total weirdo that no one likes!
Person 1 and 2: Dude, don't be jealous just because she's cooler than you.

2. "I don't know if you fake preps have ever seen one of these... -holds up dictionary- But it usually helps..."
by ThatCreepyGirl March 08, 2011
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