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Pronounced "Free Shh A Voca Doo"
Fre-sh-a-voca-do is a vine that is trending.

Imagine yourself in this situation:
"hey wat you wanna eat?" -Friend
"lets go to del taco." -You
"wat u wanna eat? - Friend
"Fre Sh A Voca Do." -You
"Fuck you nigguh." -Friend
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by ImadeIsIs May 14, 2016
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a new item selling at the fast food restaurant 'del taco'

pronounced: "freesh ava-ca-dew"

vine by: gasoleen
"come to del taco, they've got a new thing called, fresha, fresh avocado! fresh avocado!"
by chantheflop June 30, 2016
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a popular vine where the speaker mispronounces the words "Fresh Avocado" and combines the words, sounding like "Free-sha-vok-a-doo
Down at Del Taco, they have a new thing called Freshavocado!
by Hellomyfellowpeeps July 14, 2016
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Shoes that walk very fast and blast avocados are fre sh a voca does.
by Jones BBQ November 09, 2016
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when McDonalds is trying to sell fresh avocado but we know dang well it's processed
eww look they're selling fre shavoc ado.
by Yosniel December 22, 2017
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