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A pair of twins born at the same time, fertilized by two different sperm. Fraternal twins can be boy-girl, boy-boy, or girl-girl. Fraternal twins normally dont look the same, as identical twins do. But fraternal twins do share alot of the same bonds, as identical twins.
Jake and Jill are twins but they are fraternal twins, not identical twins.
by Sarah144 March 30, 2010
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("fraternal"), meaning that each twin develops from two different eggs and each egg is fertilized by its own sperm cell. We can be passed as best friends even though we are fraternal twins. We are basically siblings but we are the same age so its different we share such a strong bond we hang out all the time.
Girl: Wait shes your twin? I thought you guys where best friends
Me:yeah shes my twin, we are fraternal twins we don't look alike.
by Ambarguessa June 09, 2018
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