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A female that is frequent to a frat house and that has been passed around the house between multiple different frat bros.
I would go out tonight but im scheduled to play a wild game of frat potato with this sorostitute tonight.

That frat potato looks like shes been over played.
by Huge Asian Invasion October 14, 2009
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1. The game where a desperate girl is constantly passed back and forth between different members of a Fraternity, a member must pass the girl to another member in less than 2 minutes otherwise he is stuck with her and declared the loser.

2. A slut who bounces back and forth between multiple Fraternity houses sleeping with as many members as she can.
Dude, do you see that girl? She looks like the perfect canidate, you down for a game of Frat Potato?
by XanderALX March 10, 2009
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