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(Proper Noun) A Hybrid of Dracula and Frankenstein. A common outcome when Frankenstein is bitten by a vampire. Rather than turning into a Bat, He turns into a Tyrannosaur and devourers massive amounts of sheep. He was the scourge of the world in 2029 when he infected over 2/3 of the Chinese population of over 15 billion. The U.N. sent aid to help stop this but it did nothing. As the infection spread, Humanity learned that it is pretty bitching to be a Frankula. People embraced it and soon the world all became frankulas. Was also a popular dance move in the 70's.
Dude it is pretty bitching to be a Frankula!

Dude, I am doing the Frankula!

by Luke Rogers (the cool one) September 08, 2008
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