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As we all know Swagg is not just about what clothes you wear,its about the uniqueness of the clothes you wear and how you wear them.Also its about how you carry yourself(confidence) and what makes you different.But the sad difference here there are many people out there where they have swagg (considerably) but over half the stuff they have on is not even theirs.(borrowing)Which many times in this case these people tend to be very hyperbeasty,as in a way to show that they are wealthy or to show they have this and that.The way these pathetic people obtain these clothes and gear is by telling certain people preferably friends i'll buy those or that whatever it is from you. (shoes,jeans,jacket etc.) Which these friends that don't know any better will give up these clothing items or gear basically letting that person borrow those items Expecting that person to pay them a little later.But that person borrowing the gear never buys what they said they were going to buy.Almost borrowing these items forever,which when the victim realizes that so and so still didn't pay them yet for whatever it is.They constantly have to ask that person when you gonna give me my whatever it is back?As if they are begging this person for their own stuff.
Leonard:Hey that dude Andre got that swagg for real!
Toni:No he actually does not...well legitimately for that matter,he borrows about everybodys' shit!
Leonard:O wow because for some odd reason he just be hanging in the hallway before class start like he the shit.
Toni:Yea but really he got that Frankenstein-swagg,don't pay him no attention he's a fucking bum.
by C-Barly June 22, 2010
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