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A spliff that is rolled by combining the contents of multiple roaches that have been collected over time. This abominable j must be spliffed in order to cover up the nauseating taste of ash and charred bud. The rolling of a frankenspliff is usually implied as an act of desperation due to a lack of fresh bud.
My dealer was dry and I thought all hope was lost until my boy told me he had saved up all his clips from the past week. We rolled up a fatass frankenspliff and got smacked.
by SiliconShady January 26, 2012
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A frankenspliff is a joint rolled by someone that doesn't know how to roll very good. It could have stems poking out, or need to be patched up, or could even have a second paper wrapped around the first in an attempt to hide the bad roll job.
Wow, did you see that frankenspliff Chris rolled? It looks like that thing just rose from the dead!
by Potty McPotterson June 22, 2011
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