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1. an adjective that describes a man or woman, usually green-ish and arguably alive or not, that is looking super sexy or fuckable on that day.

2. a monstrous pun.

*Pronunciation should be with a slight ebonics or mexican accent: (just imagine Missy Elliot or DMX saying it)

Girl: "Ooh girl, check him out... 'nigga's lookin' franken-fine tonight... mmm-hmmm... yeah... alright... okay... mm boy."

Friend #1: "Dude Im finna sound like fag, but you're looking fucking franken-fine today, motherfucker."

Friend #2: "Yo thanks, that was some franken-fine alliteration."

Friend #1: "Yeah sucka, peace on Earff!"

Friend #2: "Whaddup, baby?"
by Dumblesaur February 09, 2009
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