An old meme that is resurrected like Frankenstein's Monster (hence the name, Franked), for the purpose of milking it for the new stale memes that are unfunny, repeated and redundant.
A good example of a Franked meme is Morshu, who used to be a classic good old meme in the times of the Golden Age of Youtube, when memes were better then and YouTube Poops weren't stale, now resurrected by a bunch of 12-year old zoomers and decided it would be funny to milk it to death by making stupid videos.
Sometimes, you gotta face it, an old and dead meme is better being off dead, than being brought back.
Jack: That new Morshu RTX video was so funny, dank and lit, bruh!
John: Really, Jack? Why are you telling me this franked meme again?
by Truths and Facts March 10, 2021