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The name of a character on the very popular FOX serie "The Simpsons". Worked alongside Homer Simpson as an employee of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in one episode. Despite having an amazing post-secondary education, he can't seem to get anywhere in life. He has an apartment sandwiched between two bowling alleys (one above him, and one below him) and seems to only able to find dead-end menial jobs. Envied Homer because of the rich lifestyle of the Simpson family. Ended up going insane after Homer won a nuclear plant model-building contest that was intended for kids, and was supposed to make Homer look stupid. Stuck his hand into an highly electric power grid and was electrocuted. Also has a son name Frank Grimes Jr. who tried to kill Homer and failed.
Ahhh! AHHHH!! Insane! Insane, I tell you! I don't need to listen to you, Mr. Burns, because I'm Homer Simpson! I don't need to work, because I'm Homer Simpson! I think I'm going to go home to my mansion and eat my lobsters, because I'm Homer Simpson! What's this? "Highly electrical outlet"? Well, I don't need to wear safety gloves, because I'm Homer-

BZZZZZZTTT (Frank Grimes gets electrocuted)
by crazyrabbits May 06, 2005
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In one month : 3x speeding fines, broken digital camera, car repairs, jipped on car registration, lost credit card.

Fark, that's a deadset grimey!
by Dean March 18, 2005
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