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Francisca is the sweetest, kindest girl in the world. She makes other people smile! She doesn’t like fake friends at all! She is short, brown hair and brown eyes. She has the sweetest smile in the world. If you are friends with Francisca, you should keep her, she’s going to be there when nobody is. She LOVES to have friends. She’s also very crazy 😜 she likes to be herself and hates when people tell her that she should change her personality! She accepts everyone in her life, it doesn’t matter if they are fat, skinny, tall,etc.
She loves to hang out with her friends but only in a friendly place for example: at her friend’s house! BOYS KEEP HER! SHE IS GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.
Simon: bro look at Francisca’s smile
Mike: duh that’s Francisca
by Franciscaisthebest December 08, 2019
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the hottest girl in the world. usually has gorgeous brown hair and captivating dark eyes. probably the best looking girl you will ever see. not like a fernanda.
boy: "oh look at francisca she is so hott!"

girl: "lol i know i wish i was her." :(
by weflyhigh June 16, 2008
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beautiful light skinned girl with hazel eyes and a nice body.(:
she is soo slow in people skills but sooo smart in school.
she also is very clumsy and loud.
tell that francisca to shut up.!
damnn that francisca be looking goood today.(;
by pimpdaddy_2933 June 04, 2011
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Is normally a short a girl with glasses irrespectively funny and kind of cute

You always need a "Francisca" in your life just like how you need a "Samantha in your life too

Always keep Francisca in your good books
"Wow dude , did you see that girl with the blue glasses? "
"Yeah dude she looks like a Francisca!"
by Kween_Gemmy*22 June 06, 2018
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She is so annoying sometimes pretty sometimes ugly she lives up to what people want her to live up to She listens to people not herself and never makes up what she wants to do
Oh my God Francisca so annoying
by I whip my hair back girllll September 07, 2019
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