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A public high school in Weldon Spring, Missouri that is touted as one of the oldest schools west of the Mississippi River. Apparently, the people touting this fact don't realize that age compliments the school. Asbestos rains from the ceilings like December snow and there are surely bodies hidden within the walls. Gorgeous brick architecture, accented by bird droppings, gives the students something to look forward to every morning. The buildings themselves are ancient wonders; an old hangar was converted into a gym (which is also old, see how that works?), and the rest of the campus was probably constructed in a Rome-esque fashion.

The scenery surrounding the school certainly can't be complained about. An absolutely fantastic, man made lake is housed a convenient 50 feet from the campus, brimming with sorry, dilapidated, fish and equally as many beer cans. A monumental nuclear waste pile nicely accents the color of the white foam formed around students' mouths as they sit through seven hours of world class education and the water fountains are an experience unto themselves.
Francis Howell High School Brochure: Here you can find 19th century architecture, man made lakes, fields, forests, and a massive testament to human engineering.

Reality: Not so much.
by Stuffystuff July 16, 2010
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A public high school in Weldon Springs Missouri, so old across the street it has the tombstones of its former students. Nearby is a radioactive plant that children are forced to march to for gym credit, that is if they make it and don’t get shot at by lunatics that live in tents in the woods. Unfourtantly one teached wasn’t so lucky. With the radioactive waste, and crazies near by its no wonder this school is next to a graveyard it’s a death trap.
Oh fuck you go Francis Howell High School how are you still alive?
by Commander_geek February 02, 2018
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