1. Female foundational member of a framily unit. This woman usually has outstanding culinary skills and doesn't mind using them.

2. A woman of outstanding character that facilitates the framily gathering.

3. A motherly woman of culinary brilliance that shrinks when angry.
Dinner was astounding! I think Paula Dean could learn a few things from our framily matriarch!

Thank God for my framily matriarch! Without her I couldn't have afforded a vacation this year!

I am thankful for my framily matriarch: Mother to all Misfit Children, she who shrinks when she's angry, buys Christmas decorations in July, grills a mean London broil, turns vegetarians into carnivores, cooks for all us with love and gives each and every one of us a place of home and sense of family regardless of our situation.
by achilles866 December 8, 2009
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