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An insult that is most similar to, "a raging whore whom sleeps with dragons that posses prickly dicks."
Jim : Holy fuck! Did you hear about Jenny? What a Fragonard!
Ted: I know! That dragon's dick must've hurt!
by Pus The Fifth July 05, 2011
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Noun: a person or being that enjoys generally weird and/or annoying behavior; being very awkward in a very unpleasant way; someone who takes a lot of vitamin C

Verb: (fragging) to ruin and/or make weird a situation due to the person being extremely weird

Adverb: (fraggingly) annoyingly ruining everyone’s day
Quit being such a fragonard!
Can you stop fragging around and help us, you fragonard?
And then he fraggingly left without helping!
by Amadeus Bach August 13, 2019
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