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Used to express general anger, although the word 'Simon' is used to express anger against the Maltese leader of the Nationalist Party, Simon Busuttil. This man is often portrayed as a fucking cunt and a bitch ass motherfucker. 'Foxx is the Maltese equivalent of 'fuck;

However, the term 'Foxx Simon' is generally used to express anger or frustration to everyday situations. Take a look at the examples below.
Ma jridx iqumli zobbi? Foxx Simon! (My dick's gone limp? Fuck Simon!)

Dak il-qahba baghalu ta zobb ta Simon tela fil-gvern? Foxx Simon! (That cunt of a whore of a dick of Simon is now in the Government? Fuck Simon!)
by TheHoboMaster May 19, 2015
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