A term of convenience for referring to a converging set of activities, impacts and influences between and amongst the American Republican Party, The Tea Party, and many other related religious and social conservative parties, groups and affiliations associated with, and politically relevant to the Fox television network in general, and specifically it's Fox News unit.

The term does not mean to be pejorative, but rather, it means to be descriptive of a wide number of coincident political and cultural forces that are often represented and advanced through the global socio-political reach of Fox News and its related programs, sites and personalities.
Bill O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee have more recently been eclipsed by Sarah Palin as the most visible names in the Fox Party.
by shoqvalue January 24, 2011
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someone who is absolutely quiet, and mysteriously classy around you, but at night the freak in them comes out.
1. Why is Jessica such a party fox, because she's so aloof when sober?
2. A: Man, that guy in 170 is so stoic, but I saw him at a party and was such an animal!
B: What a party fox!
C: Yeaaaah!!!
by leslie! January 20, 2009
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