A parody of no nut November, it's where you have to get to forth base with someone every week
Variations includefull fuck February
Another parody of no nut November, I'm gonna fail fourth base February this year.
by No nut November society December 19, 2018
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Refers to the act of bypassing second and third base, but instead proceeding directly from first to fourth base; i.e., having sex with a girl right away, without bothering to tediously wade through the whole hugging/kissing/touchy-feely foreplay-crap in between.
The simplest and most effective/successful fourth-base shortcut procedure, in two easy steps:
(1) Find a hot chick and offer her a free foot-massage (first base).
(2) When the cutie obligingly plops herself down and gives you her feet, take one foot in each hand and start rubbing them, but also gradually raise them up high till her legs are back over her head and her butt is lifted off the ground, allowing you to slip off whatever lower garment(s) she's wearing. If she'd made no objections by that time, then the rest is easy; just kick off your own lower garments and enjoy (fourth base).
by QuacksO September 10, 2017
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"Dude my girlfriend took me to twenty-fourth base last night, it was insane!"
"Well that explains the wheelchair."
by bigsexysciencelady October 30, 2020
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