a foster girlfriend : when you talk to a boy/girl/them for a while and basically are dating then stop talking and then they get a partner right after. AKA a half way home hoe or a foster girlfriend

Guy 1: *stop talking to girl 1 after weeks/months of talking and flirting*
Girl 1: “I wonder what happened”
Girl 1’s Friend: “Well he has a girlfriend now, but didn’t you too just stop talking?”
Girl 1: “Yeah, that what happens when you’re a foster girlfriend”

Girl 1’s Friend: “What’s that?”
Girl 1: “a Foster Girlfriend is when you talk to guys and then they find “The One” right after you”
I guess I’m a foster girlfriend. I always end up single while they end up together

I.E. Foster Girlfriend: a temporary hoe/ love interest/ rebound
by ThickBickNick February 3, 2021
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A girl who dates a guy until they find their "forever home." Please note: Sometimes this isnt by choice.

Mike: Is Jim dating Sarah?
Sam: No, Sarah is the Foster Girlfriend so he isn't alone.

Mike: aww. poor Jim. I hope he finds is forever home soon.
by Qaizoku June 17, 2020
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A girl who dates men until they find their forever girlfriend. Girl who doesn’t intentionally want to be with a guy long term.
She’ll never be with one guy for too long because she is only the foster girlfriend.
by Luleila June 18, 2020
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