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Someone who spends time in forums or on Facebook criticizing fire departments or fire service personnel and how they operate. If from a busier Dept, this person usually, if placed in the same situation as those he's criticizing, would have done the same exact thing. If from a slower Dept, this person probably hasn't ridden fire apparatus in years or at all. More frequently, this person is from a department that is relatively slow compared to the one he's criticizing. This person sometimes has a pile of certificates certifying him to perform duties that he could never do given the opportunity.
Michael says that Company "A" puts too many people in harms way. However, most company "A" personnel have reset their pagers for more fires than Michael has ever been to. Company "A" also has a great safety record. Michael probably works at radio shack and rides an ambulance more often than fire trucks, if at all. Michael is a nationally certified Forum Firefighter.
by ambulancedriver July 01, 2013
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