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A small town in Florida with one traffic light, 5 gas stations, an overcrowded Dollar General, populated by old people, seriously country folk, and young people wondering why they still live in a place that requires one to drive 30 minutes to everything and has yet to produce a grocery store. Also known as "Fort Whoadie".
Where the hell is Fort White? Texas? Don't blink you may miss it.
by JNVA June 19, 2008
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A small town in florida,
with 4 gas stations, 1 stop light, 1 over crowded dollar general full of seinor citizens and 1 family dollar right next door is a goast town becouse the prices will kill you. And beautifull rivers that you have to pay to swim in even for residents of fort white.
by cocountydistric December 10, 2014
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