Fort McMurray is a town full of pot heads and homosexuals. Also there is a lot of nicotine addictions along with thots.
person 1: hey! are you a gay thot that has a nicotine addiction?
person 2: yeah!
person 1: let’s go to Fort Mcmurray!
by thot-gracie-march February 29, 2020
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Fort McMurray, colloquially referred to as Fort Mac, is a city in the northeastern part of Canada's western province of Alberta. A Big oil town full of young and old men and women looking for big money and hard work. Has some of the largest deposits of oil in the world. Average age of population is 36. Very harsh climate. Seen on 60 minutes.
We are going up to Fort McMurray to work in the oil sands and make big money driving Haul Truck etc..
by ray444 April 24, 2006
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As of 2007 it is offically the largest boom town in canada, it is also a near hell hole, with -50 winters and, and it is so polluted that birds literally burst into flames upon contact with is water. Attracts a large number of immigrents, due to the ability for an unskilled worker with an IQ of 80 to make 120k a year. Its main export is synthetic crude oil.
I am serious about the water thing, the surface of the water is 20% naptha and 20% other nasty stuff. Moral: Dont go swimming in fort mcmurray
by Redi March 2, 2007
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