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A user of the site ' fomrspring' a formspringer is someone who leaves you hate mail concerining your looks or your personality without leaving a name or a reference to who they are
'' Q: your such a skank and you look filthy and your so stuck up''

'' A; Fuck you formspringer!''
by EpicLuke May 06, 2010
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Pussy ass bitches who are to afraid to say anything so theyre alternate route is to go on the path of cyberbullying so they click the little box posting anyonymous. (Mostly hypocrites)
Girl one: "Dude, some Formspringers wrote on my wall last night and they were telling me that i am such a fake and two faced and i lie about everything."

Girl two: "no way did they push anonymous?"

Girl one: "hah no Hannah forgot to so she deleted her formspring and said that someone hacked it. typical."

Girl two: "haha wtf and shes always the one that is two-faced and is fake."
by imeatinggoldfish March 21, 2011
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