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It is a sick ass Epic Hardcore band that originated from San Diego. Formerly known as Love Is Envy, FDF is reputably known in San Diego hardcore scene for it's legendary break downs and melodic choruses.
Forever Days Forgotten (FDF)

Noun: 1."FDF just destroyed my home stereo with a Bass Boost!"

2."FDF makes my ear pussy wet."

Adj: 1."My friend broke his nose in the FDF Mosh-Pit!"

2."FDF slam dance cream your pants party!

3."This dancer just got FDF treatment ."

Verb: 1."I'd like to FDF the shit out of the ignorant music listener..."
by The Legend619 July 16, 2009
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an epic san diego hardcore/crunkcore/dubstep band that is heavily defined by their ability to cream jeans, drop panties, and make a big steamin batch of brutal glory soup. They also live on the island of vagina and surf the waters of pussy on a regular basis. They each have their own signature custom gold, purple and silver jumpsuits and enjoy the fat burrito on occassion. The only band in San Diego that has an exotic, bootie-short wearin dancer who is open about his blatant love for bitches and sake. In general, a pretty sexy band who always brings the mosh and hard nipples.
(noun) Karl: hey, you have something on your jeans...

Sha Nay Nay: That's cuz' I just saw Forever Days Forgotten with The Jonas Brothers!
by ushwdfjjfghfh July 31, 2009
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