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Pronounced (for-ay). Standard unit of measurement used for approximating the difference between actual odometer speed and legal speed limit on roadways. This unit possesses a factor of 11 miles/hour and is only applied when actual speed limit is greater than legal speed limit.

For instance, if John was driving his automobile 81 miles/hour on Interstate 10, which has a legal speed limit of 70 miles/hour, he would be traveling 1 Foret.

81 m/hr - 70 m/hr = 11 m/hr = 1 Foret

Another example, if Jane was traveling at 38 miles/hour on an elementary school property, which has a legal speed limit of 5 miles/hour, she will be traveling 3 Forets.

38 m/hr - 5 m/hr = 33 m/hr = 3 Forets

Jane is going to jail.
Andy: Man... I got a speeding ticket...
Wilbert: Really? Where at?
Andy: On I-610. I was only going 2 Forets.

Wilbert: 82 mph! Dude, cops around here pull you over for going 61 in a 60! You know better.
by SaltyFour November 13, 2015
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