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Someone who doesn't look their age. Some usually don't even grow facial hair at all in their lives. It was inspired by the forest children in the Legend of Zelda who don't age at all. Many of them find it annoying that people say that they don't look their age but it pays off in the end when others are old and wrinkly and the forest children still look the same as they were 20 years ago.
Guy 1: Man, I had no idea you were 19. You look like you're 15.

Guy 2: It's okay. I'm a forest child. I live forever.
by Linkthechamion February 26, 2012
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A kid that grew up in the woods doing outdoorsy shit like hiking, hammocking, drinking moonshine, and rock climbing.
Billy only ever wants to hang out if we’re basically backpacking, god what a forest child.

Billy is such a forest child he just told me he’d fuck his second cousin.
by Pearl Paul July 18, 2018
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A young person who grew up in a boring ass forest/lake town who spent most of their time fishing, hiking, and probably booked up with their cousin a few times
One look at Hailey and you know she’s a born and raised forest child. She spends her free time spear fishing and trying to hook up with summer tourists
by Mikey Atkins July 18, 2018
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