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The 20% demographic of the Toronto, Canada that will vote for Rob Ford (the crack smoking mayor of Toronto), no matter what ludicrous behavior he engages in. Ford Nation is considered to be the political arm of a lessor known religion that believes that Rob Ford (and possibly his older brother Doug Ford), are in fact religious-political God-Heads, and a Pope.

Ford Nation members have been characterized by IPSOS as 'extremely likely to have NOT acquired a high-school diploma', and to be at very high risk of being diagnosed with a major delusional disorder. They are more susceptible to road rage than any other single segment of Canadian society,

Ford Nation has been directly linked to: Somali Pirate Operations, the Dixon City Bloods Gang, The Toronto Sun Tabloid Empire, Deco Labels Inc (manufacturers of novelty fridge magnets that are placed on land mines), The Conservative GardenParty of Canada, The Hashish Dealing Chamber of Commerce of South Etobicoke, The Crimes of Extortion Guild, and Political Road-Rage-Pride Association.

Ford Nation members can be discerned in the wild by their bullying habits, profuse sweating, deep grunting noises and the tell-tale burrowing of deep tunnels for Subways that link rural areas to unused and condemned farmland.

Ford Nation is often confused with it's close neighbor: The State of Denial.
Ford Nation thumbed its nose as those downtown communist elites by building another subway line into the wilderness.... ha ha ha

Ford Nation wept just as Rob Ford wept.... when his vodka supply ran out just before a huuuge TV interview...
by Jenge December 04, 2013
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