I can't believe no one has defined this...

History: The Ford GT is the updated model of their old Le Mans car the GT40. Apparently after Enzo Ferrari refused to sell his company to Ford, Henry Ford II decided he would kick their ass. So he spent a lot of money to make a car that would beat Ferrari in the Le Mans, which Ferrari had won eight times already. Anyway, the GT40 wins in 1966 and the rest of the decade and Ferrari never wins again.

Specs: This car is better than you. At everything.
(taken from comparison between the GT and the 2004 Viper)
0-60 3.6
0-100 8.1
1/4 mile in 11.78@124mph
Top speed is somewhere over 200mph
550 hp @ 6500 rpm
500 ft-lb torque @ 3,750 rpm
14 mpg city/21 mpg highway (not that it matters)
I wish I had 150k to buy this car...by the time I ever get near to that much money its probably going to cost 200k+ and I will cry. And I believe everyone is already sold, they just have to be produced...
by Mr.Grammar April 25, 2004
The best american car, and the bane of all imports. A must for American car enthusiasts who have an extra 120K to throw around. Plus ricer racers fear it like the grim reaper.
Ricer Racer: OMG it r teh Ford GT!
Ford GT driver: lol@you
Ricer Racer: Shit! Run! Our skylines can never win!
Ford GT driver: haha, you better run!
by jenou April 29, 2007