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A Nu-Metal, Alt. Rock band from Washington D.C. is signed to the underground label "United Music Productions". Since forming, the band has pondered through D.C. and into further states like an invasion. The band's sound consist of Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, and Eletronics with evidence of flowing rap and heavy singing which draw many to believe the band is not that much different from multi-platinum selling group, Linkin Park. Instead, anyone who has seen or heard the band and their music, will clearly will find this statement to be false and anyone who knows its members would know that the band formed around the time Linkin Park broke in the music industry. In most of their music, it is evident that each member works together a different genre of music.

The band's first album "Hidden Truth" released July 22, 2005 displays their nu-metal sound is perfect harmony. With its high tamed, catchy rapping and spine tingling singing melted down ontop of Alternative/Hard Rock guitar riffs, Funk Metal bass riffs, Heavy Metal drumming and Hip-Hop related keyboard and sample loops, this album- and band- is nothing to pass up. The extensive touring this band does year in and year out to support their music shows how much dedication they have to fans and to music.

The band consist of six members:

Chris Ashton (Drums)
Brandon Burgess (Vocals)
Ronald Corder (Guitar)
Ramin Ghodampour (Bass)
Justin Slover (Rap Emcee, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Samples, Backup Vocals)
Larry "LT" Thompson (Keyboards, Samples, Beats)
Dave: Hey, you ever heard of Forbidden Theory?
Jason: Yeah, they sound like Linkin Park.
Dave: They have a great sound.
Jason: I agree.
Ricky: Have you heard Forbidden Theory's album Hidden Truth?
Thomas: Hell yeah. It kicks ass. They support their music to the fullest.

by Christian Sands June 30, 2006
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