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A FoozyWoozyMommaEater is an exclamation, originating from Lower New York City, which is somewhat akin to Holy Mother of Megazon or the like. When used as an expression of extreme surprise or excitement, FoozyWoozyMommaEater would be proclaimed loudly and by itself. However, in other cases it can be used as part of a sentence to describe something that is extremely difficult or a ¨doozy¨ or the like. In general, FoozyWoozyMommaEater is a catchall expression for suprise, excitment, fright, or just plain shit.
Person 1- FoozyWoozyMommaEater!!!! I just saw a ghost!!!!
Person 2- Man that test was a FoozyWoozyMommaEater.
by War Machine Pow Pow January 18, 2017
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