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A conservative, wealthy, mostly Republican town of 45,000 people located 20 miles east of Sacramento. Almost all the nicer cars in the high schools' parking lots belong to the students, some of whom received vehicles like luxury SUVs for their 16th birthdays--no kidding. Folsom's wealthiest neighborhoods have worked hard to maintain their well deserved reputation for snobbery. To many, a "mismatched" outfit means you're wearing a Tommy Hilfiger shirt with Abercrombie&Fitch pants. The Johnny Cash song, "Stuck in Folsom Prison," is based on--you guessed it: the prison in Folsom, which is at the far eastern edge of town. Folsom does have a small low-income area, but most people don't know about it because no major streets go through there.
I used to live in Folsom, CA. It's a clean, well maintained town, but I sure don't miss the snobs.
by LostSalamander December 26, 2010
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A great city in the suburbs of Northern California where wonderful little white children love to prance around and have a great time with great,big smiles on their face. Also a town where it is drama free and everyone just lives their joyous lives in peace
I live in Folsom,CA.
by Alex Perez7 November 29, 2010
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Folsom California is a town full of Stoners, Republicans, Jocks, Dumbasses, and SUPER RELIGIOUS PEOPLE.

Folsom California has only a few people that understands the world--like me, since I live there. <_< It has no major streets and is undisturbed from crime. It's quiet, but somehow also annoying. It's about an hour away from Santa Cruz meaning that if you want to get to Santa Cruz you have to drive through Folsom, and if you're thinking about taking a stop at Folsom, DON'T. Because chances are there'll be atleast one experience with an idiot.

The Super Religious People and Jocks are the worst, the Jocks think they know everything and the Super Religious People just try to force things upon others. Whatever you do, just don't go there.
While I do love Santa Cruz, it's a pain to go there because of Folsom being right next to to it. Folsom, CA sucks. ._.
by Amateur Sex Offender June 27, 2011
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