FOLIUM breeds southern trip-hop chasms of violin, crystalline vocals, sultry DJ mix mash beats and naturally omniscient dictions of heart.

Once performing under the guise of LEAF (Suspicious Records), the new FOLIUM brings about a solidified intimacy of five individuals.

Under the umbrella of Steve Wick and DJ Eric Dove, over 30 musicians make-up LEAF. After LEAF’s first Album, “Made into itself”, featured members from the project began performing selected songs live in Texas. Through multiple performances and individual devotion, new songs were created within a newly defined group. This extrapolation of 5 members from the original LEAF project is to be known as FOLIUM.
I went to see Folium at the Gezellig in Dallas, and it was dope!
by Jody Pham June 15, 2007
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"Folium Stripe likes lots of nuts, often creamy!" exclaimed Phyro
by Folium's Nut May 11, 2021
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