it's a fun game untill you get to lvl 40, then it becomes a pain in the ass, but thank god for quests... ah yes quests, the hard as hell type of thing that you have to do for absolutly nothing and to consume your life and eat away your soul... like friends
flyff is fun! but this quest is fun and i finally i have all the items i need to complete the quest... all i needed is to get 5,000 rare item's that took 5 years to complete!
weapon smith: thankyou thankyou your reward is beging highly reconized for your deed.
by robbie regan March 07, 2007
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Flyff, or Fly For Fun, is an online RPG, very fun, most of the people on urban dictionary are saying its no fun after lv 40, but honestly those are opinions and i think its great...it does get really hard after lv 40 but it is so worth it :D.
ME: I play flyff :D. I play on Mushpoie server, and i have a lv 61 blade :D. its awesome. MakotoIsMine ftw!
by MakotoIsMine September 02, 2007
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FlyFF is a life ruiner, to be honest.
It steals iSketchers and makes them obsessed with flyffing..

And all they do is talk about battling and GPotatoes!

It's a sad tale.

Stupid FlyFF. Let's all hate it together.
'Hey, are you coming on iSketch?'
'NOPE! I'm FlyFFing tonight ;)'
by Feverish May 06, 2006
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a game that people shouldn't care about, and if u looked this up your desprate enough to see what other people think about ur game
"have u seen what flyff is on urbandictionary?"

"dude...ur gay"
by Ignorant December 13, 2007
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