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The flyest ass, dopest ass, most nasty, heartless, no-time-for-pussy-niggas-asses ass, demolish-a-dude-in-a-heartbeat ass secret skate rap society. Known for only dropping the best of songs to hit the streets since Africa was a free land. Held on the shoulders of Curren$y, Americas single most underrated rapper after AZ.

There are three rules to enter this executive echelon of society.

They are as follows:

1) Play Video Games
2) Fuck Hoes

3)Eat Fruit Snacks

(Members must be high at all times in order to really follow the previous three precepts)
American Dude: Hey did you hear that new Fly Society beat, its all over the internet, they drop the illest shit!

African Dude: Whats internet?

American Dude: :|
by JETSETTA October 16, 2010
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