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Fluudi \ f-LOO-dee \ , adj , Fluudi-er, Fluudi-est, Fluudi-ness

1. A description for someone who is doing something stupid and immature while high.
Danny, a teenager, was walking on the street with a friend when he saw a lady and her baby. He was too high and lost his composure. He shouted an immature insult to them and ran away from his friend and the woman. Danny is definitely fluudi.

Adam: "Danny is so fluudi, he always yells and makes fun of everyone when he's zoot"
Teddy: "Yeah, i know. We were walking on the street while high and he yelled some stupid shit at this woman and her baby. He would never do that while sober. One day he'll get us all roped."
by chukE March 23, 2014
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