1) a baby who wears cloth diapers
2) the butt of a baby who wears diapers
I just bought this diaper from a destash that's going to look so cute on my fluffbutt!
by beeyootee August 12, 2018
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A very soft and timid person. Someone with such a weak endurance and attitude, they have no bravery
He caught the guy in his house, red handed. Instead of dealing with the guy, he ran away. I don't want such a fluffbutt on my team.

You won't fight for what belongs to you? You are worse that a chicken. You are such a fluffbutt.
by Linkford D Mathambo June 09, 2018
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an extremely fat butt that is bigger than your body and cannot be fit through a door and will never be able to lose all the fat off your butt
friend: hey guess what?
person: what?
friend: Sabrina couldnt sit down because she had a big fluffbutt!
Person: OMG!! NO WAY!!!
by fluffykittycat1234 January 21, 2012
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