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A pitch black unicorn with a neon green horn and fire for eyes and a tail. He comes from Rainbowland:)
He eats little children under the age of 13 unless his master(ME) commands to eat someone else. He tortures fairies in rainbowland cuz its funny.
His wifes name is Mrs.Fluffalufagus:)
She is a pink pony with a rainbow tail and a black horn. She comes from Hell:)
She eats adult brains(ppl over the age of 19)She has no owner yet, but her owner cant be too far from me cuz then theyll kill the world..... Itll be funny but still.

Yeah thats about it.... Oh and there is only one of eac hof them so bleh!!! And mrs.Fluffalufagus says"Im coming to eat your brains!!!!"
Dude: Dude check out that unicorn horse thing!
Dude#2: Yeah thats Mr.Fluffalufagus. Dont look at his wife....
Dude: Whyyyyy????
Dude#2: Cuz then..... He will...................... Rape you!!!!!!!!!
Dude: O.e
by Mr.FluffalufagusRocks!!!!!! January 14, 2011
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a state of mind where someone is in a daze and/or acting like they are on cloud nine.
Person 1: Look at her! She is being such a fluffalufagus after that date she had with you last night!
Person 2: I know!
by Dani Gee December 02, 2007
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