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A Fluddite is typicaly a funadamentalist christian who attacks science in order to deflect attention from their utterly ridiculous belief in the biblical creation myth and flood geology. Like the Luddites of 19th centuary england, they are ignorant, beligerant and and will try to smash anything that they see as a threat to their beliefs or way of life.

Although they claim to be christian they will often lie and misrepresent the truth in order to further their cause. Some of the more extreme ones will set up websites littered with incoherant jibberish. Some will try to pass of their Fluddite propoganda as science but mostly they just attack science in the moronic belief that if succesful, even on the tiniest point, the bible myth wins by default.

Note: Fluddites dont actualy do any science of their own. At best they just plagarize existing science and selectively edit in order to make it seem like it supports their cause. At worst they stick their fingers in their ears and quote scripture at you.

Why arnt there any dinasaurs in the Bible you Fluddite prat!

Go build a boat you Fluddite pleb!
by Fubar Numbnuts January 14, 2008
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