pseudoscience taken from the Genesis Flood Narrative aka the Deluge Allegory from Genesis 6-8 as the young earth creationist Henry M. Morris and John C. Whitcomb chronicled in the pseudohistory publication titled "The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications " which equally influenced the Piss Drinking Bastard and Fucking Cartoon. Science shows us that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, as this is something one sees within theistic evolutionists and old earth creation as Old Earth Ministries was founded by a geologist as a one man show that brings a meaning to academia from a faith perspective.
Both the Moron Magnet and Creation Science Evangelism both subscribe to what's known as a pseudoscience known as Flood Geology, it's trying to apply scientific method to the Great Flood narrative from Genesis as those who are theistic evolutionists will see this as allegory as they're looking up real science websites and applying the research into the Old Testament timeline -- the blog entry on A Publisher's Confessional via that is noted for refuting Institute for Creation Research is called "The Science Gospel" as it bleeps K** H** as he calls Ken Ham's name vulgar language.
by illinoishorrorman February 13, 2018