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"Floyned" From the Myth Series of games by Bungie software.

When your color of choice (using the colorwheel with millions of color combonations to choose from) is taken by somebody else.
Also when your color is too close to sombody else's color so you get floyned and get a random computer chosen color. For instance, puke green replacing your color instead of your normal AWESOME Peach color.
Or the person has a higher Rank then you do so they Floyn YOU, OR they were in the room first before you joined so you dont get to floyn them.
Damnit that bastard floyned me! Now HE is Peach and I am Puke green! WTF! Boot him host, so I can get my color back! Also this is the main reason to try to convince the person that floyned you that there is a person in the outside lobby, like an ADMIN that wants to talk to them. If they fall for the bait and they leave the room, you will become UNFLOYNED. If they return to the room and they do not have a higher rank then you, then you will floyn THEM because you were in the room first.

This use of color is important in the Myth series of games because all your units and men in your army get your CUSTOM coloring in the form of heraldry and the uniforms and weapons they carry.

Now that I think of it, in sports like baseball, a team can wear jerserys that are of a color scheme that is too close to the other team's and force them to wear another color for that game. In wich case the team that forced the other team to wear a differnt colored jersey FLOYNED THEIR ASSES! MAKE NOTE, Myth Players INVENTED THE TERM FLOYNED!
by Renwood58th April 25, 2011
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